Preemie Systems Speaking and Sponsoring at the HCSA Conference 2020

HCSA Conference 2020

Preemie systems is pleased to announce that it will be the part of this year’s HCSA Conference – Past, Present and Future, as a sponsor and speaker.

This year’s virtual conference and exhibition of The HCSA Annual Conference & Exhibition (HCSA Reunite 2020), will occur on the 17th and 18th of November. This event holds a special place within the community of clinicians and other key stakeholders of NHS procurement, highlighting the need to improve, adopting common standards, introducing key performance indicators, implementing better information systems and innovation. It’s also an opportunity for future connections, enhancement of professional networks and engagement possibilities.

Preemie’s Systems CEO Isabel Correa (Hoffmann), is honoured to speak and present on day two ‘The Preemie System: Connectivity, Traceability and Transparency in the Routine Analysis of Human Milk Composition’.

The Preemie system, which personalises the concept of target fortification using our award-winning Preemie sensor (a portable and affordable NIR sensor specifically calibrated for human milk), is thrilled to be part of this event.

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Preemie System Wins German Design Award for its Preemie Sensor in the Category of Medical, Rehabilitation and Health Care

German Design Award

Preemie sensor is a small, portable device created for neonatologists, nurses, and human milk bank professionals to analyse milk for its nutritional value, spoilage, and safety.

November 13, 2020 – London, England | The German Design Award is one of the most prestigious awards on the European and international scene in the design sector. Only the best products and innovative projects are awarded, after a selection by a commission of renowned experts, who are members of the German Design Council. We are proud to announce that our Preemie sensor is a recipient of this prestigious award in the category of Medical, Rehabilitation and Healthcare.

We believe that participation in this competition, which over the years has become a showcase for the best international projects, provides a global platform that strategically positions the Preemie System with respect to the design of the products it develops.

“Winning this prestigious award is a great honour for our team,” says Isabel Correa, CEO and Founder of Tellspec LTD, the company that is developing the Preemie System, “It confirms our company’s ability to innovate across the board in all aspects of product development, including design. The German Design Award also allows our Preemie sensor to be present in the different European and International communication channels, further amplifying the scope of our mission of helping preterm infants get a healthy start in life”.

The design of the Preemie sensor was developed to reflect the brand, and took into account operational functionality, portability, weight, and ergonomics, with the aim of simplifying our users’ understanding of how to use the device. This design flow is reflected in the user interface of our Preemie software ecosystem:

A great deal of work has been done on the language of the device and on the semantic design aspects, so as to convey the perception of a smart and easy-to-use product. The Preemie sensor, soft in colour compared to other medical devices, at the same time is portable and durable. Our goal was to create a product design which stands out amongst commonly used medical devices within the marketplace, for its user-friendly design, thus making it disruptive and innovative.

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