New article on cost-benefit analysis of Targeted Fortification by Preemie System is published in Neonatal Intensive Care Journal

January 20th, 2022 – London, England: New article on cost-benefit analysis of Targeted Fortification by Preemie System is published in Neonatal Intensive Care Journal

The team of Preemie System is happy to announce that a recent article on the cost-effectiveness of the Targeted Fortification Approach for very low birth weight infants (VLBF) has been accepted and published in the Neonatal Intensive Care Journal, Volume 35, No. 1 Winter 2022. 

The article was researched and written by Paolo Satta, Isabel Hoffmann, and Diogo Barros, and is a comprehensive study on the cost-benefit analysis of Targeted Fortification. It quantifies the total costs versus the economic benefits of Targeted Fortification over Standard Fortification. 

Human milk is the ideal nutrition recommended for all very low birth weight infants. However, human milk is highly variable in nutrient content and does not address the nutritional needs of this group of infants. Fortification of human milk is recommended in order to prevent extrauterine growth retardation and associated poor neurodevelopmental outcomes. Standard Fortification, performed with fixed doses of a multicomponent fortifier, does not account for the variability in milk composition, but it is less costly than Targeted Fortification, where fortifiers are added to breast milk based on the results of breast milk analysis.

Based on the analysis of selected studies that pointed out the clinical outcomes obtained when adopting the Targeted Fortification approach, the article raises the awareness that Targeted Fortification, although more expensive to implement than Standard Fortification, has far superior clinical outcomes and can effectively prevent several very costly diseases associated with malnutrition, proving to be a much better cost-effective solution for feeding very low birth weight infants. 

“We are very pleased to have our article published in the well-renowned Journal of Neonatal Intensive Care in the USA.” remarked Isabel Hoffmann, CEO of Tellspec LTD, the company that developed the Preemie System. “Because it shows that the Preemie System helps decrease the overall cost of care for very low birth weight infants, despite the added cost of Preemie Sensor, the associated software, and the extra time to perform Targeted Fortification.” 

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The Preemie System is the first clinical AI platform to deliver optimal infant-centric feeding and care. It also offers an end-to-end solution to individualized, targeted fortification by analyzing the unique chemistry of human milk with the use of rapid, reliable, and cost-effective sensor, and dedicated AI-based software. Preemie’s software also tracks and reports information about infant growth and its correlation to the milk fortification given.

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