Introducing our Preemie Feeding Tracker and Preemie Fortification software for Neonatal Intensive Care Units

The combination of these two software works in conjunction with the Preemie sensor, allowing neonatologists and nurses to: test milk composition, freshness, and safety; automatically suggest the fortification needed for each preterm infant; store and keep track of key data about infants’ nutrition and growth; track and manage each infant’s feeding and correlate it with the infant’s growth; prescribe the next fortification needed.

  • Collects and stores the results of each milk analysis, with the following parameters being measured:

Composition: Total Protein, Total Lipids, Lactose, Total Human Milk Oligosaccharides, Energy

Freshness (based on bacteria count)

Safety (based on somatic cell count)

  • Automatically calculates the suggested targeted fortification and enables a digital prescription of the fortification on a daily basis;
  • Customization of fortification guidelines, fortifiers used, and introduction to fortification;
  • Stores data about infant feeding (prescription and actual intake) and growth, in compliance with GDPR;
  • Comprehensive management of each infant’s nutritional intake and growth over time, allowing the user to correlate actual intake and growth indicators, and to get insights into the evolution of the infant’s health status;
  • Produce, save, and export reports on infants’ nutrition and growth.

How Our Preemie Preterm Feeding Management System Works



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